It’s your idea!

What we offer is what you want, anything you desire and think, we can produce and ship it to you.

Combined with our plan

We go deep, to extents no one steps, to find what’s the best option to make your idea a reality. Our performance boosted energetic young and tech savvy team strategically plans everything out to pin details to bring you the best quality and price.

Our Passion brings your idea to life.
Strategies being our strength
. . .

A few things we’re great at

From collaborating different products and innovating new inventive products and services offering cost effective processors combining advanced technology and sustainable networking, we are “Disparate”, we want to be the next big change in international trading.


Let’s work with spices, our native spices offer a variety of health benefits with premium quality over anything offered around the globe


Our Tea Genius can do anything tea. It’s all yours to ask and it shall be. Our own plantation and factory provides us with a capability to be more control over our production


The soil of Sri Lanka is so popular to have the best of the quality yield output has now being overtaking the international medicinal and herbs market, with it’s unique qualities and production capabilities.


Sri Lanka is the heart of the rubber industry in the world. From rubber plantations running across the country to producing the best rubber in the world.


From coconut husks to the tree trunk for wood, it is also named as a gift from nature. Our facilities customize and produce anything with coconuts


From handcrafted home decors to a complete furnished luxury house needs, the quality of product and the craftmanship of woodworkers in Sri Lanka brings many possibilities in elegant builds


Everything is plastic, and your product or your packaging for product could be of Recycled plastics brings ability to source and produce plastics for the lowest prices with highest quality.

What we can Collaborate

Bringing an extra value for your product through innovation and value addition

Product innovations

Through our research and development team we could work on new product innovations using technology and strategic processing.

Packaging Innovations

Our inhouse packaging facility stands with high possibilities of customizing without compromising quality over costings.

Value Addition

An ordinary product, with an extraordinary capability, we turn your idea with a value addition to provide a product that values more than you pay.

Supply Chain Management

Effortless international trading experience is what we promise to provide through our sustainable networking and industry experiences.