Dawn of the Idea

Your idea, combined with our capabilities

Liquid Processing

Transparency in complete processes

Outright Statistics

Pre Analyzing and configuring the flow

Metered Output

Hassle Free returns over the clock

~ Disparate ~

Explic Ceylon

We are as we call ourselves, a Desperate team trying to be Disparate in the business world, opening up opportunities to build up businesses together with endless possibilities of international trading. 


Experience the journey with us, where you are submerged into the process from start to end.

Our comprehensive planning and economical working makes the experience more lively throughout.

You get what you see, and you see what you get.

Gifted Sri Lanka

Our secret is “Utilize our assets intelligently!”, from smart labor to resourceful yields, Our Country is filled with endless capabilities.

Being an Export friendly country makes international trading a cost effective business. Welcoming investments and repetitive businesses opens more doors.

It always boils down to numbers.

What We can do

From exporting tea & spices to building up a rubber factory from scratch,
we do everything.

Your idea, we work on it as our idea, we create a sample of it, we open possibilities in bringing the best price for you, even if it is to put up a manufacturing facility completely. We make you be updated on every move we take, we communicate allot, we be transparent on production, we Improvise, we Adapt & we Overcome together

Outlaw Plastics

APEX Rubber Innovations

Revive & Thrive Dog Food

Talk with us. Open Possibilities.

Collaborate with us

We work as a very efficient team together with diverse networks and strategic thinking, working over the clock to make ideas come true. We have the possibilities, we are looking for opportunities
we can produce if you can sell.

Discuss your Ideas

Director of Ideas

Talk to me, let’s discuss ideas, and open possibilities.

Discuss our Plans

Director of Plans

Talk to me, let’s discuss planning  the process of the idea.




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